We believe that there is a future in autonomous deliveries, and robots are the logical solution to achieve this.

Our future vision isn’t only to provide a cost effective alternative to traditional delivery options, but one which is personally convenient to you and environmentally friendly.

The market is vast and we want to provide services for as many customers as possible. The two markets which has captured our attention are food and parcels.

Consumers are using online ordering more often today than ever and it does not appear to be slowing down. We want to be a part of this growth and focus on the convenience factor for the consumer by giving them the option to use our service. Be in after hour deliveries for parcel, cheaper takeaway delivery costs, or routine groceries.

The possibilities are endless!


Initially we do not intend to develop our own robots in-house for the early stages of the company. However we are not excluding the idea or potential out of our future plans…


Though our vision is exciting and futuristic, we are a start-up and we will need to take small steps before expansion into nationwide service.

Legally speaking, we are fortunate that there are motions in place surrounding autonomous vehicles and robots which are being discussed in governments to develop legal frameworks for this type of logistic solution. The timing for us is very ideal as our plan for once we are ready to launch a service to the public, the frameworks would have been passed and we’ll be operating in public.

Technologically, it has been proven to be a viable business by other providers and robot developers which has tested and are operating in select countries. Giving us the justification that this is the future of logistics and something we should focus on.

With the knowledge we currently have, we can start anticipate the steps we will take to build this service:


2019 - 2020

Pilot program, in a controlled environment and available to a small number of public users.


2020 - 2021

Start initial services on public roads in select neighbourhoods after legal frameworks are approved.

Testing different solutions with food takeaway and parcel deliveries.


2021 - 2024

Growing the services to more locations in the cities of operation.

Start developing own robots for special uses.


2024 - Onwards

The technology will have come so far that expansion to services of intercity and nationwide deliveries are possible.