Previously known as ‘Aldus Drone’, the company has its roots with aerial drone deliveries. Following its founding in early 2018, the goal was to establish an infrastructure of autonomous delivery drones, much akin to the visions of future societies in Sci-fi fiction and movies. Due to legal hurdles that are too restrictive and limiting, it turned out to be too challenging to overcome and the idea was not viable after all. 

Therefore in early 2019 the founder, Aldus von der Burg, decided to shift from the skies to the ground, using robots to carry out the deliveries instead. This turned out to be a valuable move, as all of a sudden the potential markets, where the company could operate, increased and outnumbered initial predictions. There was not only a positive public interest, but also accessible technology is available. 

 The change of the company name from ‘Aldus Drone’ to ‘Meili’ was a strategic and cultural one. Being too intimately associated to the founder’s name and to drones, Aldus found it difficult when people kept assuming it was only a drone company and wanted a more versatile company name. It was here where he learnt about Meili, the apparent lesser known brother to the Norse god Thor, and allegedly the Norse god of travel.

With the company being founded by a Swede in Denmark, it only felt natural to adopt the Viking heritage. The name reflects both, heritage and the logistic solution we want to provide.